Fiske Guide to Colleges 2014 by Edward Fiske

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9781402260643 For more than 30 years The Fiske Guide to Colleges has been the leading resource on over 300 colleges and universities, helping college-bound students, parents, and guidance counselors find the top schools to meet every high school grad's needs. Compiled from questionnaires sent to administrators and students at public and private institutions across the US, UK, and Canada, this #1 bestselling guide provides an insider's look at the academic climates, student body demographics, dorms, and social life and for all the top schools-including the strengths and weaknesses (something you won't see on college websites) and Fiske's exclusive quality-of-life ratings. You'll find information on everything from college prices, scholarships and financial aid to fraternities, sororities and sports programs-all organized for easy cross-referencing and comparison. Hip, honest, and straightforward with listings that include "best buys" as well as the "best and most interesting schools", The Fiske Guide to Colleges can play matchmaker to help you connect with the best school to meet your requirements. Includes: – Fiske's exclusive academic, social and quality-of-life ratings – The 40+ schools that deliver the best education at the most reasonable costs – Lists of each school's strongest majors and programs – Candid tips from each school's current students – A self-quiz to help understand which college is right for a student – Vital information on how to apply – "Overlap" listings to help students expand their options – Selectivity statistics and SAT and ACT ranges What Makes Fiske Guide College Ratings Different? Since 1982, the Fiske Guide to Colleges has been conducting in-depth evaluations and student satisfaction surveys on the top colleges and universities. It has developed one of the most comprehensive collegiate databases available, and the only one including real feedback from students and schools then filtered through the eyes of Edward B. Fiske, former educ...

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