Customer Questions


At BookFound we care about one thing - you!

You might find it a bit different dealing with us here at BookFound. There's no receipt numbers, no customer numbers. We hate numbers- that's why we read! You're a real person so we treat you that way.


I don't want to order online - I want to speak to someone.

So do we. Give us a call on 1800132100 and will put through your order on the phone.


I don't want to give you my credit card

You can send us a money order or even direct deposit into our bank account. Ring us first though on 1800132100 so we can put your book aside.


Can I come and collect my book?

We don't like the word 'No'. But unfortunately at this stage we only deliver books. 


How long to get my book?

It will depend on where you are in Australia as delivery times do vary. Major capital cities will be around 1 week. If you're 600km from Darwin allow a few days extra. Rest assured we are sending them to you as fast as possible. We're also always looking at new technologies - drones are not out of the question!

Please note some of our books are dispatched from overseas which can take up to 4 weeks. 

Are you an Australian Company?

We most certainly are. It's a big thing - supporting Australian authors, publishers and employing Australian staff. We're proud of it!


What is my guarantee and what if I don't like the book?

We guarantee to deliver your book. Unfortunately we can't swap your book over if you don't like it. The book condition is guaranteed. 


I can't find my book or it is out of print...

Hope is not lost. Contact us - our librarians will search far and wide. Call us on 1800132100 or send us an email on

Or chat with us live: