Sex At 6Pm by Berman Annarosa

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New Holland 2006. Sex at 6pm tells the true story of a 39-year-old journalist, Annarosa Berman, who assumes medical science has made it possible for women to start families in their late 30s and early 40s, only to discover that having a baby 'on the dark side of 35' is far more difficult than she has imagined. As Annarosa's awareness of infertility issues becomes heightened, newspaper and magazine articles inform her that she is part of a generation of women who believed popular culture's assumptions about delayed motherhood. She discovers that the biological clock will not be turned back and that IVF is unable to churn out the miracle babies women of her generation have come to expect. In the process, she is confronted by a range of issues, including where the desire for procreation comes from, how we develop a sense of belonging, how the concepts of fertility, motherhood and childhood are experienced. Sex at 6pm follows Annarosa and her husband on a gruelling rollercoaster ride through grief and anger to acceptance and, finally (several years later) renewal and contentment.