Diary of a Very Bad Year: Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager by Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager; n+1; Keith Gessen

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9780061965302 “Diary of a Very Bad Year is a rarity: a book on modern finance that’s both extraordinarily thoughtful and enormously entertaining.” — James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds   “A great read. . . . HFM offers a brilliant financial professional’s view of the economic situation in real time, from September 2007, when problems in financial markets began to surface, until late summer 2009.” — Booklist   “n+1 is the rightful heir to Partisan Review and the New York Review of Books. It is rigorous, curious and provocative.” — Malcolm Gladwell   A profoundly candid and captivating account of the economic crisis and subprime mortgage collapse, from an anonymous hedge fund manager, as told to the editors of New York literary magazine n+1.

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