Td : Dreams in Motion by Terrell Davis; Adam Schefter

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9780060192822 On a sun-filled January day, running back Terrell Davis stood atop a fire truck that slowly wound through downtown Denver during the Broncos' Super Bowl victory parade while 650,000 raucous fans were chanting "TD! TD! TD!" It was a moment of exhilaration and accomplishment for Terrell, whose record-setting, three-touchdown performance against the Green Bay Packers earned him the Super Bowl XXXII MVP. As he waved and gave the Mile High Salute, Terrell couldn't help but think of how unbelievable it all was, how it had taken so much to get to this shining moment. "If I were to jump outside my body and get a chance to read my life story, I would say, `Man, that's amazing.' I've never heard, seen, or read a story like this--never." Terrell had faced hurdles that make carrying a football seem easy in comparison. There were blinding migraine headaches that had haunted him from the age of seven and almost removed him from the Super Bowl; a capricious father, who toughened Terrell in unorthodox ways, yet helped mold him into the person and player he is today; an arrest in college that could have cost him everything he ever wanted; a contentious relationship with his head coach at the University of Georgia that made him more determined than ever. At Lincoln High School, before being switched to fullback during his senior year, Terrell was a nose guard, attracting scant attention from colleges. At Long Beach State, his college of choice, the football program folded two seasons after Terrell arrived. At Georgia, Terrell saw his stock and reputation almost irreparably damaged, all leading to him becoming the 196th player and 21st running back selected in the 1995 NFL draft. Finally, in his rookie year with the Broncos, he battled from being a sixth-string running back to starter in the span of only one summer. Not since his Pop Warner days, when he was known as "Boss Hogg," was he thought of as a go-to guy, and now, here he was, one of the NFL's top players. TD:...

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