State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton by Jerry Oppenheimer

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9780060193928 Ever since William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Diane Rodham entered the political arena in Arkansas more than a quarter-century ago, millions of words have been written about them -- from staid biography to pop psychology, from blatant hagiography to lurid diatribes, to the Star Report. Even so, they have remained enigmas, with many unanswered questions. What drives them? What keeps them together? Do they or don't they? Will they or won't they? So many unknowns. Until now. For the first time, the most personal questions are answered in this objective, compassionate and intimate portrait of the world's most powerful couple, who have confounded all of us with their complex and unprecedented marital and political alliance. Based on scores of candid interviews with family members, confidants, colleagues, and present and former friends and associates who have never spoken out before, this scrupulously researched and meticulously reported book reveals exclusive and explosive new details and secrets about Bill and Hillary that will surprise and shock their most ardent supporters and debunkers alike. From their peculiar childhoods in Arkansas and Illinois to the governors' mansion in Little Rock and on to the inner sanctum of the White House and beyond, investigative biographer Jerry Oppenheimer offers a stunning depiction of the First Couple -- one that explodes myths and exposes deep new layers of their lives, transcending anything ever before written about them. Oppenheimer, who pierces the Clintons' inner circle, offers a stark assessment of the President and the First Lady by the people who know them best, disclosing the truly remarkable and poignant story behind their successes, defeats, and scandals. With its headline-making revelations, State of a Union is sure to have a profound impact on the Clintons' public and private lives -- and the political futures of this complex, fascinating, charismatic couple.

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