To Homer through Pope;: An introduction to Homer's Iliad and Pope's translation, by Harold Andrew Mason

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9780064946346 As fewer and fewer people learn to read ancient Greek, there is a need for a critical study of the most influential translations that have been made from the major works of ancient Greek literature. Mason’s monograph offers exactly that for readers of the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey." More particularly, he presents a persuasive argument for reading Alexander Pope’s translation, his accompanying notes, and his Essay on Criticism. These merit careful study, for they illuminate Pope’s principles as a translator and constitute one of the most intelligent and penetrating commentaries on the poetic qualities of the epics ever written in English. Mason’s new insights, along with his stringent and lively comments, will bring readers closer to a real understanding of Homer, whether they read him in the original or come to him in translation for the first time. They will also find here a masterly appreciation of Pope.