Film Propaganda: Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany by Richard Taylor

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9780064967785 This is a new, substantially revised and enlarged edition of Richard Taylor's work on propaganda and film in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Taylor examines how each government used the cinema's potential for mass political propaganda, analyzing and discussing films which exemplify important aspects of propaganda in process, and which are available for viewing. For this new edition, Richard Taylor makes use in particular of the flood of new material emerging from the former Soviet Union to examine two further classic Stalinist films. Grigori Alexandrov's musical comedyThe Circus (1936) celebrated in spectacular Hollywood fashion the supposed superiority of the Soviet way of life and new constitution. The Fall of Berlin (1949), by contrast, is a vast-scale and overtly-propagandistic paean to Stalin's pivotal role in the Second World War. Richard Taylor also revises and up-dates his coverage of Nazi Germany, including fresh illustrative material and an up-to-date bibliography.

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