Reading Statistics and Research by Schuyler W. Huck; William H. Cormier; Cormier

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9780065006063 Designed for beginning statistics and research courses, this text explains how consumers of research can read, understand and critically evaluate the statistical information contained in technical research reports. The major goals are: to help readers decipher the statistical terminology and notations used by authors of technical reports; and to encourage critical evaluation of the way in which any study is executed - focusing on how data is collected, analyzed and interpreted - so as to determine whether the researcher's conclusions and claims are justified. To achieve this two-fold objective, excerpts from over 500 recent research articles, including tables, figures, and portions of textual material are presented and discussed. Many of the excerpts illustrate conceptual or procedural mistakes that are often made by researchers. This second edition features up-to-date research articles, more detailed coverage of many key topics, including hypothesis testing and examples drawn from a variety of disciplines.