Vegetables from the Sea : Everyday Cooking with Sea Greens by Jill Gusman; Adrienne Ingrum

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9780066211176 Sea vegetables, edible seaweeds, or sea greens are rapidly becoming popular with chefs and home cooks. They are highly nutritious, mineral-rich, and have been used for centuries in Asian, Irish, English, and other cuisines. Sea vegetables are widely available and can be found in supermarkets, health food stores, and Asian markets. Jill Gusman, a senior cooking instructor and lecturer on foods, shares her passion, knowledge, and recipes for enjoying these flavorful sea treasures at home. With Vegetables From the Sea, home cooks can gradually introduce sea greens into soups and salads or make them them center of the plate. Miso Soup and Soba Salad with Arame to new classics such as Sea Palm Chicken Salad with Roasted Garlic and Wakame Succotash, here are seventy-five unique dishes, including Nori-wrapped Sole, Hijiki Crostini, Sweet and Sour Sea Palm Stew, and Dulse Mashed Potatoes. Vegetables From the Sea includes in indispensable full-color reference guide that shows all the major sea greens available, from agar to wakame, and explains everything about each, including how to buy, store, rehydrate, cook, and savor them anytime.