The Devil's Wind by Richard Rayner

Hardcover - Secondhand Books - Very Good Condition


9780066212920 A tale of love, murder, and retribution set in Las Vegas during the 1950s, The Devil's Wind takes place during the time of the city's swiftest growth, when snazzy new hotels are sprouting on The Strip and once a month the Atomic Energy Commission explodes an A-bomb less than sixty miles away. Maurice Valentine is a successful architect from Los Angeles who is slick, cynical, and, above all, ruled by ambition. But trouble arrives in the form of the beautiful Mallory Walker, who seduces him and turns his world upside down. Is it love? Or might Mallory simply be using Valentine to get close to a powerful Vegas mobster with a finger in every pot? For all his power and cynicism, Valentine finds himself a pawn in a mysterious game of revenge that could cost him all he holds dear.

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