Once Upon A Wedding by Kathleen Eagle

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9780066214726 Mom, Dad, I'm getting married. What do you do when your daughter tells you the big news? If you're Camille Delonga, you fight the urge to go lie down for a year or so ... and then you do what any self-respecting mother of the bride would -- you march right out and buy a sky-high stack of bridal magazines. Once upon a Wedding In award-winning author Kathleen Eagle's astonishing and warm new novel, we see just what happens to Camille, her family, and her friends when her beautiful and young daughter, Jordan, speaks those unforgettable words. After all, weddings are a time of unbelievable joy, a few tender tears -- and sometimes one huge headache. So Camille ignores the thought that her baby is simply too young to take such a big step and throws herself into action. There are flower arrangements to be chosen, favors to be lovingly created by her own two hands ... and lives to be put in order. And one of those disorganized lives belongs to her irrepressible, irresponsible, and somehow still irresistibleex-husband. When they were younger -- as young as Jordan is now -- Camille loved Creed Burke with all her heart and soul. This passionate Lakota swept her off her feet and right to the justice of the peace. Their wedding had been hurried, private ... nothing like the extravaganza their daughter is now planning. Creed is a musician who never seems to stay in one place long enough. Yet his wanderlust has never quite quenched his and Camille's passion for each other or his love for their daughter. But it did unravel their marriage. Now after years of cordial and casual, Camille finds that Creed is invading every aspect of her life. When she comes down for breakfast, he's sitting at the table helping himself to coffee. And when she goes out on the town with her girlfriends, he's sure to show up and ask her for a long, slow dance. Slowly but surely, Creed is weaving himself back into the fabric of her life. And their daughter's upcoming wedding brings back so ...