Stock Market Wizards : Interviews with Americas Top Stock Traders by Jack D. Schwager

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9780066620589 Acclaimed trading expert and bestselling author of the Market Wizards books, Jack Schwager, has returned with a new and fascinating collection of interviews with the best stock market traders and investors of our time. Focusing exclusively on successful players in the stock market, Schwager delivers informative profiles and trading strategies from fifteen traders and investors who have ridden the most dynamic bull market in U.S. history to stunning success. The past decade has witnessed the market-shaking introduction of the Internet, a collapse in commodity prices, and dramatic failures in some of the world's leading hedge funds. How have these traders managed to dwarf the already substantial gains realized by the stock market during the 1990s, while largely sidestepping the market's periodic downdrafts? What separates them from ordinary investors, and even the vast majority of professional fund managers? And what lessons can the average trader or investor learn from these exceptional traders? Schwager gets the answers from phenomenally successful traders, including  Michael Lauer, an outspoken fund manager, who explains why he believes many of the country's leading mutual funds are following a flawed strategy and whose own fund provided investors with a 50-fold return in seven years Mark Cook, a midwestern farmer who registered back-to-back annual gains of 563 and 322 percent in national trading contests he entered in 1992 and 1993 and has continued to realize stratospheric returns in his own account since then Steve Lescarbeau, who developed a computerized trading model that has earned him an average of 70 percent per year with an incredibly low maximum drawdown of only 3 percent Steve Cohen, a modern-day trading legend who manages billions and who has averaged trading returns of 90 percent during the past seven years with only three down months (the worst, a minuscule 2 percent loss) Mark Minervini, a junior high school dropout, who has averaged...

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