Writing That Works: A Practical Guide for Business and Creative People by Richard Andersen

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9780070016934 Most writing books merely teach you how to edit your own writing. "Writing That Works" is a complete guide that shows you how to get ideas, develop them, organize them, and produce a finished product in your very own individual style. Here's how the book works: The Prewriting section shows you how to get started; how to "cluster"; and how to organize your ideas into an outline. The Freewriting section shows you how to "freewrite", and then how to freewrite from a cluster. The Rewriting section shows you how the pros do it; a fast way to do it; the thorough way to do it; and how to edit other people's writing. The Style section shows you how to develop your own style; and how to use your style to deal with paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and words. The Mechanics section deals with spelling, punctuation, syntax, and the four sure-fire steps for eliminating mechanical errors in your writing. The Business Writing section deals with how to write reports, proposals, memos, and letters. Samples of different types of letters-- persuasive, sales, complaint, reference, rejection, goodwill, and application-- are included for ready reference. "Writing That Works" is an essential and enduring handbook for anyone who writes, whether on the job or full-time.