Fire and Spice: The Cuisine of Sri Lanka by Heather Jansz Balasuriya; Karin Winegar

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9780070035492 According to Sri Lankan-born Balasuriya and Minneapolis Star and Tribune writer Winegar, only one Sri Lankan restaurant exists in the U.S.--the Sri Lanka Curry House in Minneapolis, co-owned and managed by Balasuriya. So to sample the "fiery, aromatic and vivid" food of the island once known as Ceylon, you will most likely have to cook it. This book is a good introduction to a little-known cuisine. Historical and cultural background information relates the diverse influences--Indian, Arabic, Malaysian, Portuguese, Dutch, British--on this early center of maritime commerce and its cookery. Recipes range from soups, breads, curries and condiments familiar to any Indian-food fancier to indigenous specialties, such as the pancake-like hopper, and Americanized hybrids of questionable appeal ("Hellaciously Hot Sloppy Joes," "Potato Salad with a Kick"). Dishes are simple to prepare, if you've got frickadels (deep-fried meatballs), jaggery (palm sap sweetener) and the like on hand. If you go too far in your taste for authenticity, there is even a note on how to cool an inflamed mouth (by drinking tea, beer, tomato juice or lemonade). A glossary and a list of mail-order sources are appended. Illustrated. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.