Marine Diesel Engines : Maintenance, Troubleshooting, & Repair by Nigel Calder

Hardcover - Secondhand Books - Very Good Condition


9780070096127 If you own a small marine diesel engine that you depend on--at least occasionally--this book was written for you. Nigel Calder, a diesel mechanic of many years' experience, a good writer, and perceptive teacher, has written a guide that is clear, logical, and acutally interesting. A boatowner born with a monkey wrench in his hand will find Marine Diesel Engines useful and agreeable; a mechanical illiterate will find it a godsend. Here in nine extensively illustrated chapters is everything you need to keep you diesel engine running cleanly and efficiently--saving you a world of frustration, discomfort, and even peril, not to mention time-and-a-half weekend mechanics' charges. "One of the best books on marine diesels to appear in some time."--Ocean Navigator "The most up-to-date and readable book we've seen on the subject."--Sailing World "Even if you never intend to put a spanner near your engine, and know your mechanic's home phone number by heart, this book deserves a place on any diesel-powered boat."--Motor Boat & Yachting, London "Clear, logical, and even interesting to read."--Cruising World

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