Encyclopedia of Electronics Circuits, Volume 5 by Rudolf F. Graf; William Sheets

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9780070110762 'Looking for a good electronic circuit cookbook? This is it' - "Monitoring Times". '...extremely popular with engineering students, electronic hobbyists, and others...this is truly an invaluable storehouse' - "American Reference Books Annual". Designed for quick reference and on-the-job use, the "Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits, Volume 5" puts more than 1,000 state-of-the-art electronic and integrated circuit designs at your fingertips.Organized alphabetically into 135 categories, this all-new collection of circuits includes the latest designs from industry leaders such as National Semiconductor, RCA, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Teledyne, and others. Inside, you'll find diagrams and schematics for circuits used in: alarm and security systems; audio amplifiers; computers; frequency meters; gas and smoke detectors; oscilloscopes; receivers; waveform generators; temperature sensors; video amplifiers; and, many other applications. For each circuit, you'll find a brief explanation of its operation and other information regarding adjustments or alignment. An invaluable reference tool, this book also includes a cumulative index that covers all of the circuits included here and in each of the previous four volumes.