Vagabondages litteraires: Initiation a la litterature d'expression francaise by Scott Carpenter; Françoise Denis; Cheick M. Chérif Keïta; Marie-Christine Massé; Éva Pósfay; Dana Strand; Cathy Yandell

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9780070114449 Vagabondages littéraires: Initiation à la littérature d'éxpression française is a creative new graded reader for intermediate to advanced French literature courses. The selections include complete and unabridged works by both men and women, as well as by authors from many different Francophone cultures. Pre-reading materials are designed to provide students with just enough information to prepare them for the selection without overwhelming them with detail. Innovative comprehension questions are embedded in the stories at appropriate points to verify students' understanding as they read. The Instructor's Manual offers additional pre-reading activities as well as suggestions for supplementing the stories with other media: films, music, fine art, and so on.