Introduction To Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen; Charles E. Leiserson; Ronald L. Rivest; Ronald Rivest

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9780070131439 Written by top researchers, this text blends theory and practice. It covers the modern topics of parallel algorithms, concurrency and recurrency. A McGraw-Hill/MIT Press collaboration, the text is designed for both the instructor and the student. It offers a flexible organization with self-contained chapters, and it provides an introduction to the necessary mathematical analysis. Introduction to Algorithms contains sections that gently introduce mathematical techniques for students who may need help. This material takes students at an elementary level of mathematical sophistication and raises them to a level allowing them to solve algorithmic problems. Simple, easy-to-do exercises, as well as more thoughtful, step-by-step case-generated problems are included. The book features standard analytic notation and includes trimmed-down, easy-to-read pseudocode.

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