Electrical Engineering: Mechanical Behavior of Materials by Thomas H. Courtney

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9780070132658 This new book presents a comprehensive treatment of the principles of the mechanical behavior of materials. Focusing on the relationship amongst macroscopic properties, material microstructure and fundamental concepts of bonding and crystal structure, Mechanical Behavior of Materials brings the reader up-to-date on recent advances in improving and understanding materials behavior. The book provides extensive coverage of nonmetallics--ceramics, composites, and polymerics--which recently have emerged as structural materials in their own right and are now competitive with metals in many applications. Beginning with an introductory treatment of the principles of mechanics in Chapter 1, the next seven chapters are devoted to coverage of the deformation of materials. The topics covered in this section include: elastic behavior, dislocations, plastic deformation, composite materials, and the deformation of crystalline and noncrystalline materials. Chapters 9-13 are concerned with material failure. Thorough coverage is given to the topics of tensile fracture at low temperature, high-temperature fracture, fatigue of engineering materials, and embrittlement.

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