McGraw-Hill Training: The ASTD Training and Development Handbook : A Guide to Human Resource Development by Robert Craig

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9780070133594 A Treasure of Performance-Boosting Tricks for Trainers! The best training and development handbook ever published just got bigger and better! The ASTD Training and Development Handbook, Fourth Edition, by Robert L. Craig, is bursting with great new training ideas that'll help you work your magic in your organization. Top industry leaders give 100s of practice-proven techniques you can use right now to: Develop effective leadership skills; Exploit self-directed learning to meet empowerment, continuous improvement and other quality goals; Maximize an increasingly diverse workforce; Select and develop professional training staff; Design customized instructional systems; Build employee participant and involvement; Promote computer literacy in your workplace; Prepare for organizational development and change; Sell management on the importance your HR programs; Measure and evaluate training results; Much more!

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