Applied Strategic Planning : How to Develop a Plan That Really Works by Leonard Goodstein; Timothy Nolan; J. Pfeiffer

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9780070240209 Written by three top consultants and trainers, Applied Strategic Planning shows managers and CEOs a clear, totally effective way to identify and implement strategic objectives. Applied Strategic Planning surpasses other strategic planning models in many key areas, including: Emphasis on organizational culture Integration of business and functional plans Performance audits Gap analysis Values clarification Goodstein, Nolan, and Pfeiffer take managers through all phases of the strategic planning process, including: How to determine if an organization is ready for strategic planing Effectively communicate a corporate vision Recognize the role of culture in changing strategic direction Understand the various roles of a consultant Write effective mission statements Create contingency plans Containing charts, diagrams, and checklists along with illuminating examples from the authors, extensive consulting experience, and even cartoons that convey important points, Applied Strategic Planning lets managers at the helm navigate expertly through today's unpredictable business climate.