Total Quality Management Handbook by John Hradesky

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9780070305113 A total approach to TQM that guarantees success. TQM is so multifaceted--and afects so many apsects of an organization--that embracing it piecemeal often leads to disaster. The answer? The complete, integrated approach quality expert John Hradesky lays out in Total Quality Management Handbook. You'll find the entire TQM process set forth in 10 interrelated tracks (foundation, implementation, cultural, rewards systems, team building, management skills, core techniques, customer focus, advanced techniques, and train the trainer) you can follow to create and sustain results over time. For each track you get: workshop materials for forging the employee knowledge, skills and behavior to support company goals; guidelines for building effective work teams; needs assessment techniques for uncovering deficiencies and tailoring training to match your needs, procducts, and culture; much more.