Global Investing: The Professional's Guide to the World Capital Markets by Roger Ibbotson; Gary Brinson

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9780070316836 "Global Investing" is based on the authors' award-winning research on investment returns. It gives extensive treatment to the returns on all major asset categories - many found nowhere else - and relates these returns to risk, marketability, taxation, and information costs. Supplementing this wealth of information is sound financial advice on building and maintaining diversified portfolios, based on field-tested economic analysis and historical evidence of capital markets throughout the world - including the boom of 1986-1987 and the subsequent crash, as well as recent developments in Europe and on the Pacific Rim. To expand investment choices and help readers get the greatest return in investment markets, "Global Investing" pinpoints where money has been made in stocks, bonds, cash and cash equivalents, real estate, gold and silver, tangible assets, options, and futures. What's more, it covers the introduction of new financial instruments and opportunities, including asset allocation and derivative securities. Incisive, intelligent, and packed with charts, tables, and graphs, "Global Investing" helps investors and financial professionals track broad global trends, identify the risks associated with investments in various assets, and select the right investment opportunities.

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