Darker Shades of Blue: The Rogue Pilot by Tony T. Kern; Anthony T. Kern

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9780070349278 From the days of the early barnstormers, when crowd-thrilling, daredevil pilots pushed aviation out of its infancy, "rogue" behavior, as we refer to it today, has been a constant. Yet far too many modern pilots - smitten by the romance and derring-do of their heroes, as well as their own blind desire to test the limits of their skills - overlook the terrible, sometimes deadly price that rogue attitudes can exact. Now, for the first time, U.S. Air Force pilot and military training expert Tony Kern sounds the alarm in Darker Shades of Blue: The Rogue Pilot. At its heart, this book is a vitally instructive cautionary tale in which the rogue aviator is unmasked, and rogueism is examined for what it is: the dark side of good airmanship. It is meant to serve as a logical starting point for debate and self-analysis among pilots, students, instructors, and others, all in the hope that destructive flight behaviors can one day be eliminated. The book's eye-opening collection of essays and case studies are all true, depicting events as they happened. Each of these studies is designed to chisel out the features of these dangerous risk-takers, while exposing their denial and false sense of glory that lead to needless, shameful tragedy.