Gregg Shorthand: Functional Method by louis A. Leslie; Charles E. Zoubek

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9780070373105 This Diamond Jubilee edition of Gregg Shorthand has two primary objectives: 1. To enable the student to learn Gregg Shorthand more quickly & easily....through the revision of the shorthand system, which reduces the "learning load." 2. To provide for transcription readiness by increased emphasis on vocabulary development, spelling, punctuation, & application of correct principles of grammar --- all concurrently with the teaching of shorthand. The Gregg alphabet is the most efficient shorthand alphabet devised in more than two thousand years of shorthand history. The Functional Method of teaching Gregg Shorthand is fundamentally a language-art type of teaching. It is distinguished, in general, by the use of a reading approach of approximately 20 class periods, by the provision of a printed key to the shorthand plates, and by the absence of verbalizations of rules or principles.