UNIX Dictionary of Commands, Terms and Acronyms by Margaret Levine Young; John R. Levine; Larry Shumer; Chris Negus

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9780070376441 For 20 years, UNIX has been part of mainstream computing - and its popularity keeps growing. More and more computer users and professionals dealing with PCs and workstations are faced with learning UNIX. But because UNIX has been around for so long, it has evolved a language of its own. And that means that even the most computer-literate users can have trouble keeping their "bangs" and "flags" and "anonymous ftps" straight. This UNIX dictionary provides definitions for thousands of UNIX-specific terms, all carefully cross-referenced. Users will find succinct definitions of: UNIX commands; utilities distributed with UNIX; file formats; communication protocols; and system calls. In addition, this resource refers the reader to standard UNIX documentation for each command, utility or concept that is defined, including background coverage and other sources of published information. To meet the needs of UNIX users at all levels of expertise, it features a concise introduction to UNIX and a comprehensive listing of all available UNIX documentation.