Solders and Soldering: Materials, Design, Production, and Analysis for Reliable Bonding by Howard H. Manko

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9780070399709 Revised to reflect new developments, this book includes the background information needed to understand the physics of solder-bond formation, the chemistry of fluxes, and the metallurgy of solder, as well recognize electrical and corrosion damage that requires cleaning. The book also classifies and discusses materials - flux types, metal systems for solder and cleaning agents. This edition also covers the methodology for designing the solder joint, with guidelines for solder preplacement on the board, details on the new "no-clean" fluxes, the ecological considerations involoved in cleaning, solder paste and preforms, de-soldering, repair and touching-up. The book also explains manufacturing processes, mechanical and electronic applications and the use of robotic equipment. Finally, it outlines quality control methods and procedures for testing and analysis.