Storytellers: Viajes Fantasticos Vol. 1 by Elias Miguel Munoz

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9780070443112 Titles in THE STORYTELLER'S SERIES look like paperbacks you would pick up in any bookstore for pleasure reading. The stunning and colorful covers convey the appeal of the stories inside. The inclusion of a variety of photographs and art throughout the books increases the appeal and readability of the stories in THE STORYTELLER'S SERIES. The preface by Stephen Krashen discusses current research into the benefits of pleasure reading in second language acquisition and offers suggestions on how to use THE STORYTELLER'S SERIES. The stories are carefully but prudently glossed so there is a minimum of distraction for students. A Spanish/English vocabulary section also appears in the back of each reader. There are activities for students at the end of each book which focus on comprehension and content and which work students through the stories section by section.