Computer Program Design by Elizabeth A Dickson

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9780070483996 Computer program design is intended for a stand-alone programming design course independent of a specific language. It will also supplement any language course where the instructor wants to emphasize design. Computer program design is the most complete book of its kind, introducing broad programming principles and specific applications of programming concepts. It is appropriate in the undergraduate introductory programming course or programming design course. Key features: computer program design is comprehensive. Students get the complete coverage normally associated with larger, more expensive program design books at a price normally associated with a supplement. Five groups of review exercises, inserted every 3 to 4 chapters, require students to apply concepts to solve cases. Students are introduced to traditional flowcharting as a foundation before learning about pseudocodes, the industry standard for program design. Chapter 4, introduction to modular design, provides a foundation for solid programming style. Three array chapters provide complete coverage of single dimension, searching, and two-dimension arrays.