The Tangerine Bear by Betty Paraskevas

Hardcover - Secondhand Books - Very Good Condition


9780062051462 Many years ago a little brown bear came to town... In the window of Mr. Winkles's secondhand store, there lives a bear with tangerine fur and an upside-down smile. The Tangerine Bear dreams of having a home of his own, but it seems that on one will ever want him. Until one day, a stranger comes into the store...and something extraordinary happens. If you find yourself on the wrong side of town, where the trains don’t stop and the clocks run slow, look for Mr. Winkle’s second-hand store. There’s a little bear in the window. If you look close, you’ll see that his mouth is upside down and the sun has turned his fur from brown to tangerine. But things aren’t always as bleak as they might seem, and happiness has no particular address. Maybe the story of the Tangerine Bear will remind you that joy is everywhere. You just have to look around.

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Type: Hardcover

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