Giving Away Success by Susan Schenkel

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9780070552616 The author, a psychologist in private practice, has been a clinical instructor (psychiatry, Harvard Medical School). This updated edition ( LJ 7/84), with three additional chapters, is more than a how-to book. Rather, it examines the underlying causes of women's predisposition to stop short of success. The book covers those problem areas common to most women socialized by traditional standards of what it means to be "feminine," e.g., confidence and assertiveness, control, mixed messages, luck versus ability. Although other books deal with "winning," Schenkel's strikes an excellent balance between theory and practice. However success is defined, e.g., opening a business, getting a promotion, or leaving an abusive situation, this book offers a guide to it. Public libraries not having the first edition should certainly consider. - Frada L. Mozenter, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte Lib. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.