Financial Shenanigans : How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud in Financial Report by Howard Schilit

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9780070561311 Prospective investors and lenders should understand that some companies in hot water try to hide the fact with "creative accounting" techniques that provide a distorted picture of their financial health. Other companies, not on the skids, can be tempted to paint a rosier picture than justified by the facts. Fortunately, there are equally sophisticated methods for spotting the signs of accounting chicanery in virtually any financial condition. This book provides investors and lenders with 50 powerful tools for uncovering accounting gimmicks to get a true reading of a company's financial condition. This no-nonsense guide draws on eye-opening case histories of major companies whose recent accounting "shenanigans" brought in millions of investment dollars before they were exposed. Building on the specific lessons learned from these cases, "Financial Shenanigans" shows investors, lenders, auditors, regulators and others how to immediately spot such misleading accounting tricks as: recording revenue prematurely; recording bogus revenues; boosting income artificially with one-time gains; shifting current expenses to a later period; failing to record or disclose major liabilities; shifting current income to a later period; and shifting future expenses to the current period. Plus there are tips on checking the balance of inventory, sales, and receivables, scrutinizing statements of cash flows, and more.