Anatole and the Toyshop by Eve Titus

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9780070648852 Anatole was a good mouse and the father of a loving family. One day, when he arrived home from work, he discovered that his wife and children were missing. He receives word from his friend, Pierre the Pigeon, that his family had been captured by M'sieu Barat, the mean owner of of a toyshop in Paris. Barat forces the mice to ride around on their little bikes in his front window to attract customers. He then sets his cat, Clotilde, to watch them so that they cannot escape. Anatole would do anything to get them back. Will he be able to save his family without having to sacrifice his own life? This story recognizes the amazing love that people have for their families. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story. I know you won't regret reading it. (Amazon customer)