Home VCR Repair Illustrated by E.Bright Wilson

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9780070707696 Repair your own VCR--right at home. Correct the most common VCR breakdowns right at home, without special test equipment...and avoid spending $100 on a $10 job! Thanks to its more than 450 detailed photographs, Home VCR Repair Illustrated, Second Edition, guides you step by step--from getting inside typical machines to fixing the remote control. Brimming with trade secrets only an experienced technician like Richard C. Wilkins can reveal (he's been repairing VCRs for as long as they've been making them), this plain-English guide makes it a snap to: Clean the video heads plus pinpoint and correct head problems; remove and service cassette carriages; Remove and service cassette carriages; Align the video tape path, audio heads, and gears; Replace fuses, audio heads, and video heads; Solve problems with take-up spindles, capstan shafts, and jammed cassettes; Check and replace DC motors; Diagnose common malfunctions--from video jitter to distorted audio to freeze ups; Repair damage from water or spilled beverages; Bring a dropped VCR back to life; Much more!