Telecommunication Transmission Systems: Microwave, Fiber Optic, Mobile Cellular Radio, Data, and Digital Multiplexing by Robert G. Winch

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9780070709645 Covering every known type of earthbound transmission system in one complete volume, this reference offers insight into present and future technological trends, as well as the technical details of many aspects of today's digital telecommunications transmission equipment. Fully illustrated coverage includes state-of-the-art cellular systems; packet switching - a significant force in data communications today; standards recommendations made by the International Telegraph Telephone Consultative Committee and the International Radio Consultative Committee; the process of digital multiplexing; the advantages, disadvantage, and fine details of direct RF modulation and conversion of IF signal systems; and more. Communications engineers, communications technicians, and television engineers will find everything they need to know about designing high-quality, cost-effective communication links for a successful system - all in one convenient reference source.